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In June 2008 aircraft will be working in the Siberia to assess the transport of Eurasian and boreal forest fire emissions into the eastern Arctic.


The YAK-AEROSIB objective is to establish systematic observations of atmospheric concentrations in CO2, CO and O3 over the interior of Eurasia. The measurements will be collected over several years over a transcontinental route between Western and Eastern Siberia.

Organization: CNRS – French National Center for Scientific Research, The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CEA), Institute of Atmospheric Optics, SB-RAS, Tomsk, Russia, and NILU
Country: France, Russia, Norway
Location: Siberia
Platform: Antonov-30 aircraft
Dates: July 1-20, 2008
Contact: D Paris, CNRS & B. Belan, CEA

--------- TROICA

Troica missions have been conducted within POLARCAT-Norway and RAPSIFACT - a study of Russian Air Pollution Sources and their Impact on Atmospheric Composition in the Arctic. The missions included use of the instrumented TROICA railway carriage, data from several Russian air chemistry measurement stations, data from Svalbard and the FLEXPART transport model 

Organization: Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics (OIAP), NILU
Country: Russia, Norway
Location: Siberia
Platform: TROICA Train Carriage
Dates: Various
Contact: A. Skorokhod, OIAP & A. Engvall, NILU


An intensive campaign will be coordinated jointly by scientists from the Service d'Aeronomie, CNRS (France), NILU, and the Russian Obkhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics. The campaigns will take place from 1 - 20 July.

YAK Flights


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