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last modified 2010-04-23 10:02

Links to tools used for forecasting during the POLARCAT Spring and Summer Campaigns

A few links to get started! (HINT: 'Right click' > Open in new tab.

A few links to get started! (HINT: 'Right click' > Open in new tab.... )


A GOOGLE Earth kml file that provides access to many resources including real-time flight tracking (password required), satellite data, and other products. For a password contact jfb (at) Many resources for planning and downloading of flight tracks and quickviews.


Global trace gas distributions observed by the IASI/MetOp infrared sensor, retrieved using the near-real time trace gas retrieval algorithm developed at Service Aéronomie / IPSL (SA/IPSL), based on neural network techniques (see DOCUMENTATION).

    • NCAR Global Chemical Transport Modeling ACD
    • There are several models being developed and used in ACD for global chemical transport modeling.
      • MOZART - A global 3-D chemical transport model driven by offline meteorological fields, developed at NCAR, MPI-Meteorology, and NOAA/GFDL.
      • CAM-Chem - the Community Atmosphere Model with interactive chemistry.
      • Data - Observations for model evaluation.

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