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Zeppelin Station

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The Norwegian Institute for Air Research's Zeppelin Mountain Research Station

Atmospheric Monitoring and Research

Zeppelin fra kabelbane

Zeppelin station (78°54' N, 11°53' E, 474 m above sea level)


The Zeppelin activities contribute to regional, national and global monitoring networks such as System for observation of halogenated greenhouse gases in Europe (SOGE), Network for detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC), Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW), EMEP and AMAP.

Webcam view from the Zeppelin station:
A web-camera is placed on the station building and gives hourly updated view of the fjord below.

Be aware that the picture is mostly dark during the time of the long polar night (28 October to 14 February).

SFT veldig liten
A majority of the instruments carrying out air pollution measurements are
operated by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) and are part of the national pollution monitoring programme financed by Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT).

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